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General tips that don't belong anywhere else. :)
1. If your silk gets caught up, don't take time to shake it out if you're doing a practice run or in performance.
2. Don't give up! Ever!
3. Remember to spin at your belly button, not your chest. It just... doesn't look right and your arms will get all junked up.
4. Do NOT cut the angles. What does this mean? Well, if you're doing something like a backwards windmill, on the count 2 when you bring it back to the front, there should be a nice wide circle. Don't cut it or else it won't give you the pretty effect that you want.
5. Don't wear loose clothing, you'll get your flag/rifle/sabre stuck in it.
6. Keep your hair out of your face! Buy of black (or brown, depending on hair color) ponytail holders. Reason is so you can use them for performances. Black won't be seen by the audience... You don't want a neon orange scrunchie if you're wearing a blue uniform. Just doesn't match.
7. Put emotion into your show/practice. It just looks better and it's easier for the audience to get into the music and general feeling.

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