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Colorguard Crazy

This is just a place where I can vent about colorguard practices or keep people updated on contests, etc. :)

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3.11.2004 / Thursday

Practice! We *were* supposed to have dress rehearsal, so *I* got my bra with invisible halter strap, panty hose, dress, and very slippery and uncomfortable leather ballet shoes on and when I got there? Pssh. Seems people "forgot" to bring their dresses. >:(

It went well. We practiced without the music, and added a couple things to Robert's part like... Well! We need a deep Mexicannish guitar so he can play it at the beginning of the song while I'm doing my "dance solo." That's meant sarcastically, of course. Anyhow, and then he's going to put his arm around me when we turn around in a circle and swish our dress. Man! Speaking of swishing the dress (you know, picking the bottom of the skirt and swinging it in front?), it's kind of hard not to really reveal myself because it's so short! (Check it out here.)

Anyway. I practiced on my rifle toss, too. I still can't get the quad yet. >:( I'm such a loser. Hopefully I'll get it before Saturday. Eh heh heh. So, Tammy was there and I thought she wouldn't. I handed out the jean flagbags I *handsewed* and decorated. They better like them. >:( Anyway. And then Mrs. Robison and her daughter (and I helped) decorated the stair-thing with flowers. :) The only problem is getting it on the bus Saturday to transport it to Bowie, HS! Then when I left, I got the rifle tape (three rolls!) from Mrs. Robison and so now I get to tape *my* rifle! Goodie. I need black or gray electric tape to "spot" it and wrap the bolt. Hopefully, since it's much lighter than Monica's (the girl's rifle I borrowed), I'll be able to land a quad...

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