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Colorguard Crazy
Guard Links


After hours of searching the web... this is what I came up with:
P.S. Some are a little outdated, I know..

Colorguard City (general goodies, explanations of moves, and tips)

Colorguard Tips (from makeup to moves to performance tips)

Colorguard World (forums, helpful for questions and getting in touch with other guardies)

My Ode to Guard (great site with lots of good stuff :))

North Texas Colorguard Association (NTCA, local circuit for information on schedules and scores)

The Colorguard Site (LOTS of good stuff, like tips and moneysavers!)

The Shapeshifter (this one claims to change topics but... as far as I know, it hasn't changed)

True Colors (helpful instructions for basic moves and new tricks)

Winter Guard International (WGI)

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