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Colorguard Crazy

The following is a list of tips you should remember when performing:
1. Keep presence and smile! Smile, smile, smile. And if your show isn't that kind of show, then make a good facial expression: keep your mouth closed and count in your head. Otherwise, you might get a pretty ugly candid picture.
2. Feel the show. If you have an upbeat show and you don't get into it, then it just doesn't look good. You have to let the crowd get into what you're doing! And if it's soft and lovey-dovey? Then be graceful!
3. Never look down. Never EVER look down at the ground or wildly around. A judge will dock some major points for that. A good tip I read somewhere is to focus on one of the said judges. One of them is bound to be interesting somehow. So, chin up and/or follow the flag when you're doing something like a windmill or a butterfly.
4. If you mess up, keep going. Act like that was supposed to happen. You may get docked points for messing up, but I'm sure every judge likes a good recovery. Don't stand there and curse!
5. Perform like it's the last thing you're going to do!
6. After you perform, no matter how you did, you should always hold your head up high and feel good about yourself! Besides, who else could do what you can do?

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