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Colorguard Crazy

1. Base or powder: If you're going to use this, make sure it matches your skin tone or it's a little lighter so you can be seen!
2. Blush: The purpose of blush is to define your cheekbones. Put it on a little under yours, and go from darkest to almost nothing started from the ears to the nose. Make sure it's not too dark (as you can tell from some of my pictures) and/or not too red or else you'll look sunburned. Remember, too much blush makes you look like you have a mask on.
3. Eyeshadow: If you want it to stay longer, put powder on your eyelids. Also, the darkest color should go on the crease while the lightest color should go closest to the eyebrow. As a "dance" rule, so I've been told, use blue or purple or natural browns. The purpose of eyeshadow is to make it look like you have eyes, so it won't hurt if the eyeshadow goes off to the outside in a kind of triangle so that it exaggerates them. If you use a dark color or something bright, make sure the show justifies the color.
4. Eyeliner: Do not stretch out your eyelids when applying! Start from the middle and work out. Also, do not go all the way to the inside. This will make your eyes look more "real." Crow's feet are helpful with exaggerating the eyes.
5. Lipstick: Do not use dark reds or too bright reds or else it will make you look too clownish. Either use a natural color or an apple red, perhaps. If you want your lips to look more "lush," add a dark pencil line to the bottom lip. And if you want it to stay longer, powder your lips before you apply the lipstick. Kiss a tissue paper and reapply. Then, powder again and put lip gloss on.
"If you have guys on your guard, they don't have to wear makeup (duh) but one trick to use is they could use a bit of brightening foundation to bring out their face. Then use a smoky/grayish color pencil eyeliner and put light lines on their jawbones. Not like a bright line or anything, but just a smudgy line so it looks like a semi-shadow. It defines the face." Thanks to The Colorguard Site for that one.

More makeup tips can be found on the Colorguard Tips site. Check the Links section.

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