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Colorguard Crazy
Quotes and Sayings

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"A guard that counts together stays together."
"If you can't handle it, try drill team."
"Colorguard is the half time show with an annoying band that moves."
"Winterguard is colorguard without the back up band."
"Colorguard: sweet little girls with metal sticks, large guns, and heavy swords."
"Born to toss. Hope to catch."
"Toss high, dance hard: colorguard!"
"If colorguard was easy, it would be called cheerleading."
"What's the football team doing on the marching field?"
"Football fields are for marching band practice. Football games are for marching band performances."
"I was drunk when I joined colorguard."
"Colorguard: to those who understand no explanation needed.. to those who don't no explanation possible."
"On the eighth day, God created Colorguard."
"The audience is listening to the band, but they're watching the guard."
"Si se puede!" (Yes, you can!)
"CAUTION! Colorguard at work! Watch for flying objects."
"We bust ours to kicks yours!"
"Shut up and spin."
"If you can't spin, don't touch my flag...
If you can't toss, don't touch my rifle...
If you can't dance, stay off our field...
And if you don't understand this...
Get out of my face 'cause it's a guard thing." (Courtesy of The Colorguard Site.)

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