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Colorguard Crazy
Guard Dictionary

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AIR-FLAGGING IT - when you do your routine minus the flags or other props, just the movement, an imaginary flag/rifle/sabre, whatever. Usually done at practices
ANAL-PROBE - When a guard member comes up behind you and shoves a pole up your bum.
BAND GEEK- one who lives in the band room, is obsessed w/ band, and is crazy
BOLT- metal in the top of a crutch tip that weights the flag
BOOB TWIRLER-someone who dose drop spins up high at their chest
BRAIN SUCKING- when a guard member does not know the works and she watches others to do the work
BUM-GRABBERS - Members of the band or colorguard who go around grabbing peoples' bums. (This was a "problem" with my highschool's marching band, apparantly.)
BUS MACKING- the extreme flirting that goes on riding home after a great
BUTT- the rubber at the bottom of the pole, or the fattest end of the rifle
BUZZ KILL- when you expect a great guard show, and it turns out they suck
CATTLE GUARD- derogatory term for the guard from the drumline
CG- Short for colorguard
CHICKEN WALK- jazz running
CONCUSSION-the percusssion
COP-A-SQUAT- for one to squat down and take a knee during practice
CORN COB- someone who walks like they march, even when football
season is over
CRUTCH TIP - the ends of a flag pole
DIVA - a person who can utilize ANY piece of equipment and use their body as well to make it look like an effortless thing
DOUBLE TIME- spins where you do down flat, up flat...
DO IT UP- To do well, kick ass
DRILL- 1.)Usually the routine 2.)Also could be a warm
up 3.)Or a set in a song.
DROP SPINS- the fundamentals to work, up and down spins
DOWN SYNDROME- when you sit down for a long time and can't get back up
FAKE IT- to look like you know the work, while trying to remember drill at the same time
FLAG FEATURE- intense, unison flag work together.. no solos
FLAGLINGS - New recruits to the colorguard (otherwise known as "newbies")
FLAGGOT- nickname for the guard, a member of the band who wants to secretly join guard, and can do the work better than us.
GUARD GEEK- like a band geek, but obsessed w/ guard
GUARD HOES- another term for the guard
GUARDIE- guard member
HELICOPTER-parallel toss
KANGAROO- a person who bounces, or jumps while jazz running
LOLLIGAGGING-guard members (or band) that justs isn't giving their full 100% during practice....talking or not rolling feet...etc...
MARIONETTE- the drum major who is a puppet for the band while the drummers and guard really keep the band together
PARK AND BLOW- the part in the show where you just stand there and spin, no marching
PEGGY SPINS- double time spins except you grab over and under instead of flat
PRINCESS-the girl in the guard who always has to get her way
SAIL- When the silk of the flag wraps itself around the pole no longer exposing it
SILK- the flag
SPACEBURGER- when your hands are positioned to look as if you are holding a "spaceburger" while jazz running/walking, marching, etc
SPEED SPINS-Double time (down, parallel, up, parallel)
SPIDER NEST-a place up at the ceiling that we look at to keep chins up
STOPPER- The rubber end of a pole...holds the bolt in place.
TRAINWRECK- when the guard as a whole screws up, causing the entire visual and GE scores to go down
URINATION VACATION- when someone goes to pee and never reterns
WALDO- the person who wanders off and nobody can find him
WET MOUTH- any drooling band members who want to join guard and they stay after to watch you practice
WHALE- when a rifle wobbles in the air
Don't exactly know who to give credit to. I've seen this everywhere.

Have any more terms? I'd appreciate it. Contact Me