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Colorguard Crazy
How to annoy colorguard members

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Want to tick off a guardie? Try doing/saying this:
"Let me try that."
"Can I play with your gun thing?"
"That's easy!"
"Colorguard? What's that?"
"What's up with the uniform?"
"Why aren't your flags school colors?"
"Don't hit me." (Don't stand in our way and we won't!
Walking through guard after the band director told you NOT to!
"What are you sweating for? All you did was twirl a little flag." (First of all, we SPIN. Second of all, why don't you try it?!)
"I could do that."
Complaining about how cold it is during a Friday game when the guard is dressed in their scanty uniform. Ahhh!

Does something else irk you? Feel free to Contact Me.