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Colorguard Crazy
ABC's of colorguard

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A is for Again, which is what is meant by "one more time"
B is for Band, the people who hate us!
C is for Cap which is what covers the end of a flagpole
D is for Dirty...what happens to you every day at practice
E is for Effort which is what your instructors always wanna see
F is for Fame something you can't reach by pursuing guard
G is for Gum something not allowed to be in your mouth at guard
H is for Home, aka the Band Hall
I is for Independent, guards where you go after high school
J is for Jazz run, the basis of all guard moves!
K is for Kick, what you do during stretches that kills the next morning
L is for Lazy something you can't be at guard
M is for Money, something you NEVER have time to make
N is for Newbies, the people you have to teach
O is for One more time, which always means again and again and again and..
P is for can never have enough
Q is for Quitting, something you should never do
R is for Rifles, the cause of all your bruises
S is for Sabres the sword that breaks the mold
T is for Time, something you wish you had more of
U is for Uniformity something you always aim to have
V is for Victory something you should feel after every performance
W is for WGI the best competition around
X is for X-cellence since you should always try your best
Y is for You which is why your guard is special
Z is for Zzzz the sound you get when you sleep...(when does that EVER happen)