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Rifle Basics

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I'm not really good on my rifle vocabulary as I just started handling them in the fall, but here's what I've picked up.
Barrel: The long skinny part of the rifle.
Bolt: The silver/gold/black part on the top and inbetween the butt and the barrel.
Butt: The fat part of the rifle, at the end.
Left Flat: I'm not really sure what this is. If anyone does, contact me please!
Right Flat: Also not sure.
Strap: This can come in black or white leather or a black web strap. It comes with most rifles and is very useful if you like the "snap" sound when caught but it can get in the way sometimes!
One handed spins: The left hand should be on top of the barrel, and the right hand should be underneath the grip. Let go of the rifle with the left hand and with the right, kind of "toss" it right in front of you so it spins only one time and then catch again at the starting position. This only takes one count. Then continue doing the same thing for eight counts. See how far you get.
Drop Spins: Let me get back to you on this. I have problems with it.
Single: Start with your left hand under the barrel and your right hand close to the butt and on top or at the side. Don't prep for singles. With your left hand, toss it in the air and TWIST your wrist! You should release it about shoulder height. Make sure you don't wrap your thumb as this will throw the rifle off and change it's position. What does this mean? Well, basically, when you are in your starting position, make sure your thumb doesn't go under the barrel as well; keep it sticking out like a hitch hiker. When you toss, keep your thumb flat in this position. And how should you hold the rifle? In your fingertips! Don't "palm" it. The count should be one AND.
Double: Sometimes I prep for doubles, sometimes I don't. I'll add this one for the prep. What is a prep? Well, do this like your slamming the rifle down: from starting position "slam" your left hand down and your right hand up (to about your shoulder height) so that the angle with the ground is forty five degrees. Then (without wrapping your thumb) toss! Make sure to twist your wrist and release at about neck to chin height.
Triple: Same as a double, but release a little higher. Your release point should be at your nose or eyes. If you're having trouble with these, I've been told to move onto a quad and then do a three.
Quad: (or four) Your release point should be a little above your head.
Some more in depth instructions can be found here (very helpful!):

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