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Colorguard Crazy
2003 Marching Season -- R L Turner

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The theme of the show was the angry puppet-clown "Petrushka," a ballet about... well... an angry puppet clown. The only part that we played of it was "coming alive" as puppets in the first song (very cool) and our icky uniforms. I saw worse this season, though *coughcreekviewcough* and one judge commented on them so I guess it was worth it. :)


This is me in the first movement, spinning the double flag. A little too much blush, huh?

This is also in the first movement. Yeah, still way too much blush... I'm a makeup freak.

oohooo! The big finale to the opener! This *was* the only movement I liked...

This was a cool feature. I tossed the rifle in the air and somebody behind me caught it

Not exactly in sync, but... Then again, we had crappy rifles. "Plain stock." Yuck!

Got any pictures to add? Especially of the band or guard during marching season, or any stand pictures, etc. I'd love some more! Contact Me